16 May-2015

Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Done deal

Madrid tie up De Gea in the absence of an agreement with United

He will sign for five seasons and will earn €5m

Iker Casillas or Keylor Navas, one surplus

May 17, Atletico’s global day

Messi’s Atletico

Brutal act in Boca-River

Half of Europe want Carvajal

United, Liverpool, PSG and Bayern are interested in the full-back after Danilo’s signing was confirmed

Boca-River suspended after a tear gas attack

Luis Enrique fears the euphoria more than El Cholo

Barca work with a psychologist to halt the Cule optimism

“I’ve never seen a trident like this”

Gerard Pique believes Messi, Neymar and Suarez form “a unique forward line”

He says to enjoy it like never but warns that “we still haven’t won anything”

The Calderon, once more a fortress

Twenty victories, five draws and two defeats before Barca

Real Madrid: United the only possible destination for Cristiano

Copa Libertadores: Toxic gases force the suspension of Boca vs. River

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