Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

"Believe in me, we start from zero," Ancelotti

Ancelotti seduces his team with his first chat

"I believe in every one of us"

"We have to change our 'chip'"

"Play the first touch"

Close to Kaka from the first day

The coach starts his work recovering the Brazilian

Carlo, head of the most valuable team in the world

Forbes magazine puts Real Madrid as the number one most valuable team in the world across all sports

The value is 2.525€ billion

Negredo close to signing for Manchester City

Villa triggers delirium

20000 fans at his presentation and some invade the pitch

"They have given me the affection I needed," Villa

Rosell and the Pep affair

He asks that Guardiolismo does not divide the club

"What he said about Tito and the Director is a lie," Rosell

Spain 0-1 France: A point in the quarters

A loss does not destroy the dream

Better to draw against Russia to progress

Basketball Under 20

Our girls are gold

Ancelotti brings in a feeling of optimism

A great environment with the new boss in 2013-14

His message to the group: "I am confident in our talent and professionalism"

Madness over Villa

"Here they have given me the affection I have needed," Villa

20000 fans present for his presentation

Rosell: "If Guardiola wanted to be president, I would vote for him"

The shadow of Armstrong hovers over Froome

AMA try and clear the doubts

The 100 under suspicion

Six of the ten athletes with the best records have tested positive

Rosell, strong on these points:

"What Pep said of the club and the sickness of Tito was not true"

"Messi is unique"

Rosell, diplomatic on these points

"I ask that everyone be 'guardiolistas'"

"There has to be taken as something that will pass and that will not taint Pep's history at the club"

And furthermore... th President talks of Cruyff, Neymar, Villa, Valdes, Thiago Silva, Abidal, Puyol, referees and the Camp Nou

"I have spoken much with Tito; he looks good, energetic, excited and itching to go"

Real Madrid: Ancelotti era starts as the Mou era is erased

Atletico Madrid: 20000 Atletico fans welcome Villa

Barca starting year two with Tito

United offer 30€ million for Cesc

The Red Devils express their interest, but, the player does not want to move

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