Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

The longest penalty in the world

Barca-Celta still kicking 48 hours later

The Celta veterans lament the penalty and Neymar’s dribbling: “He has chosen a path that can be dangerous”

Hugo Mallo to Messi: “That’s too much

The wild animal of Rome


I’m hard, but I go for the ball”

Cristiano isn’t wanted? We’ll make a gap at Roma”

“We need a miracle

Ninth, 10th, 11th

Zidane stakes everything on the Champions League, his fetishized competition

Brazilian justice

Neymar’s aeroplane and yacht impounded

The value of the assets is €43m

The Federation pushes FIFA to punish Spain

Jimmy case: six years in prison for the guilty

The minor A.C.G has been convicted of homicide, possession of weapons and brawling

The world yields to Messi’s penalty

The international Press describes the move as an ‘incredible trick’ and ‘genius’


“He has everyone’s respect and that helps him in his new role”

Roma fear the Zidane effect

Marcelo called up nine days after dislocating his shoulder

PSG, against a rising Chelsea

Renato, star against Zenit

The history of the penalty

1. Neymar and Messi trained on Saturday

2. Ney to Leo: “Do we do it?”

3. The bench smells they are

4. Luis Enrique is told by [Jose Roman de la] Fuente

5. Lionel gives the pass and Suarez ‘steals’ it

6. The penalty was for the Brazilian

Luis Enrique and Abelardo, friends and teammates since they were children

Real Madrid

Hazard doubts Zidane as a Coach


Outstanding accounts in the Champions League

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