Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

What 'coconut' will come!

Ronaldo, 8 goals, 41 shots, 81 kilometres run

Cristiano arrives in the quarters of the Champions with the most goals, the most shots on goals and the most kilometres run of all forwards

Barca do not want PSG or Juve

Malaga prefer to avoid Spanish teams

Idolo Pellegrini: He is the best coach in the history of Malaga

De Gea, on Del Bosque's list

The injury to Casillas has left open a space in La Roja for the games against Finland and France

Depor v Celta: The drama of the derby

The first 'pole' from Ferrari

La Scuderia account is the highest ever for Ferrari at 245 million


The draw in Nyon

The three Spanish teams show their preference

Real Madrid: 36 Galatasaray, 22 Barca, 13 Bayern, 11 PSG, 9 Juventus, 5 Malaga, 4 Dortmund

Barcelona: 49 Bayern, 14 Real Madrid, 14 Galatasaray, 8 Dortmund, 6 Juventus, 6 PSG, 3 Malaga

Malaga: 49 Galatasaray, 22 PSG, 11 Juventus, 8 Dortmund, 5 Real Madrid, 3 Bayern, 2 Barca

Mourinho has support

Madrid poll of the socios show that 89.7 per cent of them want him to continue

Prudent Levante fall in injury time

Courtois wants to prepare for the world cup with Atleti

Chelsea want a clause that he will return if Cech gets injured

Alonso, optimistic in Australia

For Neymar

Key moment in the pursuit to sign the Brazilian

Barca continues making him a priority but Florentino has double his offer to the player and Bayern and City are spying on him too

Europa League draw

Levante make a great effort in extended time but fall to Kazan and there are now now Spanish teams in the competition

Formula 1

Ferrari to go for it from the start

Champions League draw, great rivalries

The bass drum is being sounded today

There will be excitement in the team following the draw

Juve, a rival to fear, Malaga and Galatasaray are considered the easy beats

The fans of the Blaugrana want Madrid

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