Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Karim forever

Madrid starts renewal talks

Benzema's contract ends in the year to come and wants to renovate until 2018 or 2020

Barca and Atletico want to make life hard for Madrid

Simeone wants to break his team's three-game losing streak

Neymar returns one month after his injury but will be on the bench

Interview with Pellegrini

"We will take on Barca as equals"

"Stats without titles mean nothing"

"Silva has had bad luck to be in the same generation of Xavi and Iniesta"

"This Barca is a great team, but, we continue to be dazzled more by the side Guardiola had"

"Mourinho always tries to gain an advantage with his comments"

Jese believes that he will play for Spain if he maintains his form and injuries do not hamper him

"I see myself playing for Spain"

"What really impresses me about Ronaldo is his ambition that he has every single day"

600 euros for the lighter thrown at Cristiano

The REF consider it only a small misdemeanour

Courtois returns against Valladolid

Barca welcome Rayo thinking of City

A number 11 with the flag

Neymar receives the nod from the medical staff and Martino can now count on him again

The Brazilian returns today, after missing 8 games, to help Barcelona maintain their place at the top

Martino: "The UCL cannot distract us from the game against Rayo"

Messi: "I continue to be a false 9"

A great game with an eye on Barca

Pellegrini and Mou to meet again in the Cup

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