Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…


Atrocious attack in the country of the European Championship

Mateu Lahoz, referee for the game, lived it ‘on site’

Dozens dead in multiple shootings and three explosions in Paris

The 80,000 fans of France-Germany retained by security

The President of France evacuated from the stadium

Hollande mobilizes the army, meets the Council of Ministers, closed the borders and declares a state of alert

Super Mario amazes with a golazo

England succumb against the personality of La Roja

Record 100 clean sheets for Iker

Great game by Bartra

Two golazos

Mario and Cazorla give a victory to a far superior Spain

Casillas reaches 100 games unbeaten against England

Diego Costa fails again

Thiago went off injured

Dozens dead in Paris

The terrorist attacks happened while France-Germany (2-0) was being played

President Hollande evacuated from the stadium

Message from James to Benitez

“So they say I’m not fit”

Great game and goal against Chile (1-1)

Benzema admitted to police he was a go-between in the Valbuena case

Jackson injured with Colombia

Suffered a sprain and is a doubt against Betis

FIFA fine Villar €23,161 for not collaborating

“I didn’t break the Code of Ethics, the ruling clears my name”

Night of terror in Paris

Coinciding with the France-Germany match were several terrorist attacks close to Saint Denis and the city

Several shootings, explosions and hostage-takings sowed panic in the French capital

The synchronised attacks took a tragic toll: at least 45 dead and dozens wounded


30 minutes at the Bernabeu

The idea with Leo for the Clasico is to come on in the second half

The star trained with the B team and told the boys he would play a little bit at the Bernabeu

Xavi will sign Verratti for Barca

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Messi will win the Ballon d’Or”

Real Madrid - Message to Benitez

James chest out with a goal for Colombia

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