14 November-2014

 Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Where do I need to sign?

Carlo happy: he will renew right away

Carlo is happy with the squad, with the club, and with the city

Money will not be a problem

His contract ends in 2016 and he will open negotiations at the beginning of the year

The cleanest team: Madrid, the side with less cards and less fouls in the League

Laporta is already moving: an appointment with Mendes

He begins his ‘return operation’ to the presidency with a private meal at which he catches up on the market

Pique-Ramos: Del Bosque gets back his best pairing

Ready to sign

Violence without limits: Four ‘barrabravas’ have died in Argentina in the last six days

Germany-Gibraltar: “If Germany want to they’ll score 20 against us”

Sergio Ramos speaks then corrects himself

Yesterday he tried to qualify on La 1 what he said on Radio Marca the day before

“I insist we must have commitment within the national team. I never said that those two [Diego Costa and Cesc] don’t have it”

“FIFA has distorted my report”

Michael Garcia complains that they have misinterpreted his investigation

Cristiano is one goal away from being the ‘recordman’ of the Eurocup

Atletico and La Liga make peace after the LFP awards

Cerezo:” Tebas will always be well received at the Vicente Calderon”

Barca evaluate that Vermaelen should be operated upon

Zubi said he was a “player without immediate return”

New trident

Luis Enrique knows the way to take full advantage of the potential of his attacking trio

Messi: “Playing on the right isn’t new”

Suarez: “I drag myself towards the central defenders

Neymar: “I am at my best”

Interview with Marc Bartra

“Right-back is a position that I like”

Reus would fit in like this at Barca

Abidal landed in Barcelona yesterday

Mix-up with La Roja after Ramos’ declarations


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