Tuesday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English…

Like this Zidane fixes the crisis

Talks, 'punishments', rituals, secret codes...

60 years waiting for this night - Sevilla visit Old Trafford

PSG spoil Neymar

"If Griezmann wants to continue at Atletico, he continues..."

"At times I don't go out onto the street for shame" - Gomes

Nike hold the key for Neymar

Could finance part of his signing in move to Madrid, adidas pay the club only 40m, contract until 2020

Historic visit to Old Trafford - Sevilla never qualified beyond last 16, Montella 'wants a 1-1', problems on the right flank

Oblak won't play in Moscow - team travels in sub zero (-4) temperatures, diet of pig and broth

Andre Gomes, in Panenka - "I can't leave the house for shame"

A double from Loren Moron closes in on Betis Euro spot

Mission Chelsea

Suarez over a year without a UCL goal, Iniesta recovers and should be available, Gary Linkeker analyses the key battles

Alarm at the regrowth of violence in the stadiums

Sevilla, going for the quarters at 'The Theatre of Dreams'

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