Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

What was that Madrid?

Horrible game from Mou’s men, irreconcilable with such a club

Without Cristiano they only had one shot on goal

Absurd red card for Kaka, who did not play 20 minutes on the field

La Liga is getting farther away and today maybe it could be 18 points the difference

Mourinho must be joking: “Some of our players had a great match”

Isco and Messi, the duel for Gold: The Balon d’Or winning Argentine comes up against the ‘Golden Boy’ of Europe

Valencia 2-0 Sevilla: Soldado never fails

Great Ferrer: heads to the Australian Open after winning in Auckland, this could be on historical title for Spanish tennis

Cycling’s top eleven arrive, the fearsome return to Spain

Without Cristiano there is no paradise

Madrid had no football, nor goals, nor chances

Kaka entered the field in the 58 minute and saw two yellow cards in 17 minutes

Camera replays from Canal + show that Callejon’s goal was legal

Simeone: I would like to see Atleti as a team who’s place at the top, where they can succeed, is secured

Tito to be present against Malaga: He returned from New York and yesterday took training

Chaos at the Dakar: Floods from the river cause havoc in the stage

The best in history return

Contador: The legs are going to hurt

Valverde: I am scared

Puridor: for survivors


Today Tito will be present for Barca who can complete the best return to La Liga in history

He will go with an eleven without Villa with the objective to leave Madrid 18 points behind

Vilanova returns from New York and yesterday took training

Abysmal Madrid, Osasuna 0-0 Real Madrid: Real forget La Liga in Pamplona where they could struggled to play

Without Cristiano and without ideas, the bottom club put up a good fight and were worth all three points

Roura: With his presence, Tito encourages the group

Return of 2013: the best of all times return to Spain

Tennis, Ferrer: Plethoric, imposes his law in Auckland

Arsenal is crazy for El Guaje (David Villa) and want him this summer

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