Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Golden boys

The enchanting, sweet Sergio Ramos hangover is connected with Cristiano Ronaldo's world coronation today

Coaches and ex teammates analyse Ramos magic: 'He has the soul of a forward'

Ronaldo to win his 4th Ballon d'Or

Draws for CL and EL today

Historic Iborra - first midfielder to score a hat-trick in La Liga after coming on from the bench

Party in the Calderon - 13,935 fans see Atletico women beat Barca 2-1

Chapecoense's Neto asks 'how did the final end'?

Objective world champions

Cristiano is favourite to win the Ballon d'Or

Thursday, 11:30, RM semi-final against America de Mexico

Villarreal v Atletico - a December final - Simeone on the badge: The world watches

Champions League draw - Barca, RM, Atletico, Sevilla all discover fate

Iborra hat-trick against Celta

Espanyol, nine games without defeat

Ruben Castro pulls Betis away from danger

Atletico lead women's lead - 14,000 watch them play Barca

Messi and Barca 'brains' of Champions

Nobody wants to draw Barca in today's CL draw

More people want to draw Bayern or Bayer than PSG, Benfica or Porto

Leo the best of 2016 - the figures of the Argentine better than anyone else

Terrorism in Istanbul - 38 deaths and 155 wounded

America de Mexico to play RM in Club World Cup

River 2-4 Boca - Tevez returns decisively in Super Clasico Argentino

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