Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Juventus 3-0 Barcelona

New disaster of a horrible Barca

Juve could have scored five against a pitiful defence

Luis Enrique: “It’s hard to believe in the comeback”

LaLiga: Competition Committee suspends Neymar for three games

Attack on the Champions League

Three explosions against the bus in Dortmund when going to the stadium:

Bartra, wounded

The police speak of “deliberate attack”

The game against Monaco was suspended and will be played today

The player suffered glass cuts to the hand and it was operated last night

Despite the initial chaos, the stadium was evacuated calmly

The supporters of Dortmund offered their homes to those from Monaco

Long live football!

Bayern Munich-Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid-Leicester

Zidane, with his trident for a flag

These are the games the BBC like”

Ancelotti: “I’d prefer Cristiano on the bench, Benzema in the stands and Bale at home”

Simeone leaves with the most attacking team possible

“I’m sure we are a model for Leicester

Filling the Calderon that will hold 1m fans this season

Another Barca tumble

Luis Enrique: “Reliving a nightmare, I find it hard to believe in the comeback”

Lewandowski, huge doubt in the Clasico of European football

The time of the BBC

Zidane: “They aren’t afraid of these games; they like them”

Ancelotti: “I’d prefer Cristiano on the bench, Benzema in the stands and Bale at home”

The police don’t know who was behind the attack in Dortmund


Atleti, against Leicester and overconfidence

Simeone: “I think it will be decided in the return leg”

Luis Enrique

“Very sad, very serious”

Stunning defeat in Turin, with goals from Dybala (2) and Chiellini, which means Barca need another miracle at home

Lucho is more critical than ever of his men: “It looked like the third half of PSG-Barca”

Champions League

Juventus 3-0 Barca

Three-game ban to Neymar, the Clasico will be lost

Dortmund-Monaco, attack on the Borussia bus

Marc Bartra, wounded by three explosive devices


Lewandowski, a doubt in the revenge of the 0-4

Atletico Madrid-Leicester

To maintain the love affair with the Champions League

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