Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

The boys from the Bronx

Valdes wins starting place for the Confederations Cup

Carzola and Iker lost in the streets of New York

Benzema: "This team needs to disconnect"

"I am not worried about the competition there is"

"Zidane's presence at Real Madrid is terrific for me and the club"

Nadal: "I was down three months ago"

"People have transmitted much energy with their support"

"To listen to the national anthem is special to me"

Mou: "I finished Barcelona's hegemony"

Oliver: "They saw me first as a kid and they are making me a man"

Real Madrid v Barca: Final 'a la Greek'

Prohibited to give prestige

New York receives Spain with rain and discreet excitement

Bad omens for Spain in friendlies

Madrid bidding for Cavani

"I am speaking with various teams," Cavani

Atletico reject offers for Miranda, Godin, Filipe, Arda and Costa

Monaco want the Brazilian full back

Morata, the hero in 44 minutes

Tomorrow he will start after scoring against Russia and Germany

Laporta prepares for the ballet

Today he explains his plan to return

Nadal, going for number one

Merely has to defend his points until the end of the season

Second assault in the final of the ACB

Madrid, on track for the title in the Palace

Thiago Silva is not impossible

Barca rushing their chances of getting the central defender that Tito wants

The club knows that it is a difficult operation and that before he must cash up by selling some of its own players

Messi, a ticket to Brazil in the offing

Barca ask for Varane, according to TV3

Cesc is no for sale

"Fabregas only would leave Barca if he wanted to"

Basketball: Objective, to equal the knockout

Chelsea: Mou believes he broke the hegemony of Barcelona

Tennis: Insatiable Nadal wants more Grand Slam trophies

Death of Enrique Orizaola, historic coach of Barcelona

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