Friday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & Diario Sport, in English! 

"You have to merge with the Bernabeu"

The Madrid captain assumes team need to be much better, wants to see a full stadium

Coutinho saves Barca with a penalty

"Can Solari and Isco be reconcilied? It's difficult"

Ramos receives seven-star award from the Comunidad de Madrid

A little penalty relieves Barca - Levante had Barca, without Messi, against the ropes

Reality check for Athletic against Sevilla

Rulli and Joel they were the best

Atleti depend on Griezmann

Lesser of two evils

A bad Barca leaves alive thanks to penalty which leaves the game open, Valverde's expirement doesn't work, shows a lack of goal threat

Morata interested - Barca informed about a possible loan deal

Rabiot demands not to play as a pivot

Isco, a step away from the goodbye

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