Tuesday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English! 

Shielding Neymar

New ambassador of Qatari national bank

Valverde pardons Dembele

Atleti - ambition to be first

Aduriz panenka beats Girona

Luis Garcia Plaza in at Villarreal

2018: The year of the champions

Barca say they won't go to Miami - 'While there is no agreement, the project cannot continue'

Cristiano: Juve are the best team I've played for

Atleti to win in Bruges to be top of the group

Valverde: 'How to explain Dembele? I don't know what to tell you'

Garitano debuts with a victory for Athletic due to last minute panenka penalty

Question of honour

Rotated Barca, without Suarez, look to Bayern's record of 29 home Euro games without defeat

Ears tug - Abidal and Segurda speak with Valverde/Dembele: 'He gives us a lot but the rules are for everyone'

Barca renounce idea of going to Miami

Atleti will top group if they win in Bruges

Aduriz, with a controversial 90th minute penalty, rescues Athletic

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