Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Three shotguns for the Camp Nou

Carlo is confident that Bale will be ready for el Clasico

Ancelotti considering as his first option CR7, Di Maria and Bale

Benzema could be sacrificed

Madrid dream of Xabi Alonso's return

Ancelotti signs a nutritionist

Koke, the street footballer

"I started playing football on the streets, I have all my life but now I prefer playing on the console"

"Xavi, there is only one, he is the best in the world"

"Iniesta is a god for Spanish footballers"

Hierro: "Koke is exemplary"

Del Bosque learns from mistakes

Messi, better without holidays

Benzema is not stressed

"There are number nines that do not score but do other things, I am in this group"

"I will not be ten years without scoring, this streeak will have to end"

"I do not have the mentality to score, I have the mentality to help my team win"

"It is not a problem of attitude, the stats say they I run ten kilometres every game"

Benitez: "Barca were a reference for some, and for others the opposite"

Diego Costa still has not signed for Spain

He has to put his wish in writing to the CBF and RFEF

Martinez Laredo: "It is inadmissible that the debt would make us become a publicly listed company"

Puyol put through his paces today and could play in a friendly

If all goes well, he would return to the squad against Osasuna

Moya, the new captain of Spain's Davis Cup team

Nadal: "He makes me happy, He has been great and deserves it"

Larsson would sign Larsson

"He has to be a player young to still have desire to learn or a veteran like it was in my case"

Samaras and Klose the two preferred choices

The Celtic and Lazio forward have been voted for

Spain: Del Bosque with a Barca majority

In Palma, all Barca's starters to start except Valdes

Real Madrid: El Clasico obsession

They accelerate the recover of Xabi Alonso

Football: Fran says that it was stupid not to sign for Barca

Tennis: Calos Moya, the new captain

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