Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Florentino to give him power in the club

The change starts with Zidane

The hero of the ninth

The French to take the title of General Manager of Sporting Entities and to assume a place linked to the first team

Ramos orders silence

"We have to leave behind our egos and think of the Copa final," Ramos

Sevilla: Manchester City want Navas

Lendoiro and his suspicions

"Almost all the games in the final rounds of La Liga have been fixed"

The kings of Madrid

Nadal and Ferrer today in the quarters finals

Federer, goes home

Spanish final in London

Rudy and Navarro goes head to head

Madrid, against an understrength Barca

"Juan Carlos is more important to Barcelona than I am to Madrid," Rudy

"Enough of the controversy," Ramos

"In this moment we have to leave out our egos," Ramos

"Now we have to look for unity and think about the Copa," Ramos

Clos Gomez to referee the final

More than a Clasico

Madrid are favourites against Barcelona in the final of the Euroliga

"I'll go," Neymar

The 'crack' confesses to some of his teammates that he will leave Santos after the Confederations Cup

The Brazilian and Barca resist 120 million from Madrid

Rooney, why not?

He wants to leave United and likes Tito and would love to be at Barca

Triple for Mou: The leader in penalties in his three seasons

F1, Alonso: "For the first time I have a competitive car"

Final four: A clasico after 17 years

Barca arrive weakened, but Pascual has won 21 of his 31 duels with Madrid

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