Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Look out! Ancelotti ready for the first lesson

Zero tolerance to the lack of attitude detected last year

Nobody is untouchable, all players are equal

They will play as they train: always at 100 per cent

No game is lesser, no opponent inferior

Clasicos between champions: Barca-Madrid (27-10) will be played three days after a European fixture

The return (23-03) three days after the last 16

The voice of the Presidents: They don’t want Monday games and consider it will again be a two-team La Liga with Madrid and Barca

Villa excitement in abundance. The fans are enthused with the signing of El Guaje

“I’m coming to a great team”

Callejon is now in Napoli

Summit concerning Xabi Alonso

Ancelotti in his autobiography: “Let me make it clear that I pick the team”

“If a President asks you for an explanation why you’ve left a player out, you must give him one. It’s a boss’s duty”

“Messi endorsed his father’s initiative to defraud”

The prosecutor reveals the Argentine’s strategy to, presumably, avoid tax

Villa: “Confidence was key in coming to Atletico”

We now have a fixture list

The first Clasico will be at the Camp Nou on October 27, the return March 23

The Copa del Rey Final falls at Easter: April 19

Cule holidays: the families of Messi and Cesc enjoy the beach in Ibiza

Cesc and Pinto on a jet-ski

Pique plays poker

El Guaje appreciative: “Barca made it easy”

The centre-back finalists – the chosen one will be between Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Agger

2013: Barca will begin against Levante in the Camp Nou on 18/8, Barca-Madrid 27/10

2014: They will play Atletico at home in the last game on 18/5, Madrid-Barca 23/3


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