Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

To win without signing

FIFA makes it even harder to be champion of LaLiga and Champions League

They keep the transfer ban: the clubs can't register players until January 2018

The court of arbirtaration is a last resort

Cristiano - returns for a record

Celta v Atletico - the match is at one - they have to eat at 09.30!

"Yes, I'm ready to play"

'I have to learn to stop two or three games'

Cristiano - is back tomorrow before Real Madrid's game with Osasuna

Madrid and Atletico - cannot sign players until 2018

FIFA ratifies the ban after signing young players - both clubs to appeal the ban to the Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Empire State Building lights up in Barca colours

Real Sociedad v Espanyol - Eusebio: Willian Jose's time is coming and we are ready

All out!

Neymar is back with good spirits and physically perfect

Alcacer - grand ambitions at Barca - 'I want to be at the top with the best club in the world'

Without forgiveness - FIFA ratifies the transfer ban against Real Madrid and Atletico so they cannot sign players until January 2018

The visit of Barcelona to New York generates a massive global impact

Espanyol take off to the Anoeta 

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