09 May-2015

Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

A champions’ atmosphere

The Bernabeu welcomes a special game today: the options for the title against Valencia and a general test for the return with Juventus

The incredible change since Anoeta

A Barca radically different to the one that lost in San Sebastian can today deliver another blow towards La Liga

Luis Enrique will rest some players

Messi and Neymar spearheads

Eibar sink

Football strike: It’s a bad deal

The position is still one of conflict

Rubiales: “The possibility exists that the games will not be played at a later date”



Hot Saturday

La Liga is still under the threat of a strike

Ancelotti doesn’t consider it “reckless” to play Sergio Ramos in central midfield

Barca sit their exam before Madrid

Moyes: “Nobody can defend against Messi”

Espanyol leave Eibar in a critical situation

Tebas compared the photo of the AFE with that of Bildu and Herri Batasuna...

And Rubiales remembers his ‘Phalangist’ past

The act of conciliation between AFE, LFP and FEF will take place on Monday the 12th


The squad, with Messi, Neymar and all the stars present, congratulated Lucho on his 45th birthday

They want revenge on La Real and the boss announces: “There are five finals left, hopefully six”

Top Secret: Messi looks after himself fully

Espanyol take out a European ticket and sink Eibar

A replica of the CSD

“There are no reasons to strike”

The players plan on striking for only the next game

Valencia examine a Madrid with doubts

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