Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

They will hear him

Atronador: Madrid's Cristiano wants to silence the rowdiest fans in the world

Modric, to take control and the two charged with stopping Drogba: Varane and Albiol

Mou: "Iker is not training well, he is training very well"

Dortmund v Malaga: Let's go Malaga

The magical trident

The fans are confident in Joaquin, Baptista and Isco in taking the team to the semifinals

Valladolid, Carlos Suarez: "We know that we will not do nothing even though we may challenge"

Sevilla 2-1 Athletic: Negredo is angry with the Pizjuan

"Casillas is not training well, he is training very well," Mou

Mourinho arrives with four goalkeepers and does not reveal anything

UEFA confirm a game for Burak, Ramos and Xabi

Pepe out injured in training and Albiol is the other alternative

Danke, Raul

Schalke to offer a homage to the number 7 on July 27

Dortmund v Malaga: Malaga with the opportunity of a life

Pellegrini will be on the bench and the doubt is over Weligton

Oliver: "I am 18 years and even though I do not take notice of it, there are nerves"

Messi and eleven

Today Messi will be tested and is aiming for a bench start

Tito with doubts over to Song and Adriano

Thiago Silva exclusive: "I cannot close the doors on Barca"

Abidal objective: Brazil 2014

Euroliga: Revenge for the Greeks with Todorovic

Handball: Urdangarin will work for the world cup in Qatar 2015

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