Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

The Boss (with Sergio to the world's end)

Mertens 24th minute goal suggested an unlikely comeback, two headers from the captain shut Napoli's volcano and saved Madrid, Morata sealed the passage to the quarter finals

Ancelotti puts 10 past Wenger

"We can put six past them" - Barca boss Luis Enrique believes in an epic miracle

Gabi has operation on hand, should be fit for Sevilla game

Blessed Ramos!

His two headers get Real Madrid out of trouble again - "a week ago I was killed and today I was very good"

Madrid into the Champions League quarter finals for the 7th consecutive season

Zidane: We have the fortune to count on Sergio Ramos, who often produces vital goals

Bayern look scary - beat Arsenal 5-1 again

Benfica, to hold onto a good 1-0 lead

Barca believe in a comeback - Luis Enrique: If they can get four goals, we'll be able to score six

Torres returns to training already - yesterday was in the gym and today will focus on running

Mel against Victor, duel between two benches crossed over

Michel replaces Romero at Malaga

Mission (im)Possible

Barca ready for a possible historic comeback - seeking to overturn a 4-0 deficit in Camp Nou

The challenge is immense but the Trident of Lucho arrive with confidence

Luis Enrique: If they can score four, we can score six, Unai Emery: We are ready to suffer when you have to suffer

Ramos rescues Madrid again - 1-0 down and suffering, the defender's two headers in six minutes to put them through; Ancelotti humilitates Wenger

Barca 2-1 Porto - Barca youngster qualify for last four of Youth League

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