Tuesday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & Diario Sport, in English! 

Do not touch the Champions League

Secret plans for a European Super League, seen as a serious threat for continental competition

The second big decision of Solari - which goalkeeper to select

Borja Iglesias brings Espanyol to second

"A Madrid Femenino, sooner or later, is inevitable"

Plzen present the visit of Madrid as 'the match of the century'

Bundesliga leaders visit the Wanda - Savic, Godin, Koke, Lemar, Costa missing

Messi wants to return against Inter today

Borja Iglesias brings Espanyol to second

With Messi to the knockouts

Trains in Milan and wants to play, Barca keen to win to secure first place in the group

Borja Iglesias goal puts Espanyol second

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