Tuesday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario Sport & El Mundo Deportivo, in English!

"Madrid love the Champions League"

Beckham adds to the party, "PSG arrive in good form but..."

The Englishman remembers Madrid's strength in the competition, "Crisitiano is one of the best players in these games", Zidane is unbeaten in knockout European games

Atleti don't count on the referees - only La Liga team in 22 games not to be awarded a penalty

Espanyol development - 11 Catalans in starting XI

Seedorf arrives with desire

What a mess!

Pique left injured after Moreno challenge and Barca have no central defenders for Copa, Espanyol denounce his words

Umtiti waited for Sergio Garcia in the tunnel after the game

Girona: A dream with each passing day it's more real in the Primera

Ronaldo faces the dressing room and Florentino Perez

Gala of Number 1s

Pique, broken, gives Mina chance - KO'ed in Cornella, opportunity for the Colombian

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