Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

White Genius

Ancelotti overcomes Simeone in a game of intensity and pride

Madrid showed character while Atleti were without ideas

Jese made his mark at the Bernabeu with a goal and a great game

Casillas extends his record; now 772 minutes

Crazy punishment: Three games

The Competition Committee punish Cristiano harshly after studying the evidence

Barca with the advantage

Copa del Rey, Basketball: The spectacle begins

Revenge complete

Madrid beat Atletico with its number one weapon, intensity

Jese scores a great goal and left the field to great acclaim

La Real denied a clear penalty

An absurd own-goal gives Barca the advantage

Competition Committee suspend Cristiano for three games

Madrid will appeal

Basketball: The Copa del Rey kicks off

Futsal: Russia and Spain fight for a place in the final

Sochi: The Winter games,the most expensive in history, commence

Looking good

Barca back on track but miss many chances

Pinto saved two goals and there was a penalty by Mascherano, but, the win was deserved

Interview with Francois Pienaar: "In the final of 95, we won everyone over"

"I have many black friends. I do not look at the colour of the skin. It matters less and less in South Africa"

Competition Committee hand Cristiano a three-game ban

Without luck and without a referee

Atleti concede two deflected goals and are on the verge of being eliminated

Diego Costa suffered non-stop acts of aggression but it was he who ended up with a yellow card

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