Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

It turns out that he is a substitute

The captain (Casillas) believes for sure that this Sunday he will  be on the bench against Real Sociedad and that Adan he thinks will be in the first team

Ramos: “When there is a  boss, its what he says goes”

Valdes: “I hope that soon this will be over, he has all my support”

Coentrao breaches his recovery plan whilst on holidays

The pride of Athletic will cost 6 million: Between his contract and what Juve have to pay if he goes now

Indestructible Puyol: He teared his eyebrow playing for Cataluna and yesterday trained without any problems

Milan leaves the field during a friendly because of racist insults from the crowd

Altercation between Mancini and Balotelli at training

Yesterday it was the turn of Sergio Ramos to talk about the politics of the club

Ramos: “Our attitude has always been good”

Ramos: “Casillas? When there’s boss, it’s what he says goes”

Higuain returns to the team: Benzema has not taken advantage of the absence of Pipita

Atletico presents its calendar of solidarity

Mancini engages in a confrontation with Balotelli: Mancini pulls Mario aside by his shirt after a tackle on Clichy

Messi, favourite for the Ballon d’Or

Leo, Iniesta, Xavi and Pique will not lose at the gala on Monday

The crack (Messi) is the subject of France Football that is on sale today

The touch of the derby

Xavi and Verdu give assurances to give a quality present for the Kings’ holiday on Sunday

Xavi: “Espanyol now have confidence and this is vital”

Valdes: “I don’t rule out knowing another brand of football”

Verdu: “We know how to surprise Barca and we will work for it”

Collet: “I would not go to the Camp Nou”

Manchester City: A great bust-up between Balotelli and Mancini

Dakar, todos los participantes espanoles: Roma and Sainz choose all

Nani: “In 2012 I was second and this year I will work to win”

Tennis, Godo: The reduce the court to add more quality

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