Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

They fit: Ancelotti and Low, the two that Florentino likes the most

Both meet the requirements wanted by the President; they both a suitable for managing a team of stars; experience in the biggest competitions; they know how to work under pressure; both deal in the right way with the press

Mou: My future? Ask Florentino

Real Madrid v Ajax: The champions of the blackbirds

Burgos a Mourinho: I am not Tito, but I will tear your head off

Mou: Who is Burgos? I get on well with Simeone and president Gil Marin

Mucho mas que renovaciones: Priorities for Barca; Renovar a los capitanes Xavi and Puyol to give more stability for the Cules

Only until June: Valverde on a time trial

In Bilbao they assure that there will be a successor to Bielsa

Basketball: D’Antoni  sentenced by Pau

Kobe: He has to put his pants and not cry about it

Mourinho: Opens up on TVE over his current situation and state of mind

Mou: I live now with little happiness

The degree of pressure on me does not allow me to be happy

Valencia: Valverde was presented; “They have offered me six months”

A little derby now between Mou and Burgos: I am not Tito, but I will tear off your head”

Kobe to Gasol: Put on your pants and be a man

Real Madrid v Ajax: Veterans and new faces against Ajax; Adan, Nacho, Callejon together with Cristiano, Kaka and Benzema

Sport sponsorship forum: If now there is something with value in Spain, it is their athletes

Who is Mou?

The contempt against Tito, Burgos and Manzano turn against him

Vilanova has ignored the Portuguese since becoming coach

Mono Burgos tells Mourinho in the Madrid derby: I am not Tito, but, I will tear off your head

Pique: If you play smiling, you play better

Gerard’s attitude reflects that of the great Magic Johnson

Champions League: Routine stuff for Malaga and Madrid who have both already qualified

International football: Chivas say goodbye to Cruyff

Basketball: Ricky already training to the maximum

Valencia: Valverde assume control, the new coach says that he has signed for six months, “it is what the offered me”

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