Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Another CR7, another Madrid

Irreproachable appearances from Ronaldo after that of captain Casillas

Iker on Tuesday and yesterday ‘the crack’ Portuguese recovered the identity of the club

Wanted? “I feel good, I am happy”

Renewal? “ Its not the most important thing now”

Ballon d’Oro: “I would like to win it, but…life will continue”

Mourinho: “I believe that he will remain, but everyone decides their future”

Casillas: “He is doing well. His benching was a technical decision of the coach and we must respect it”

Pepe, one month KO: Was operated on yesterday on his injury in his right ankle

Madrid sanction Coentrao for skipping the first training session

An emotional hug: Tito Vilanova and Abidal reunite at Barca training session

Simeone: “Arda will remain, for sure”

The objective for Atleti is for the player to at least remain until next season

Formula 1: All very equal in the polls with nine rules in 2013

The Bunker opens: After Casillas, Cristiano

Ronaldo: “I will give everything for this shirt”

Ronaldo: “Life is not going to end if I do not win the Ballon d’Or. It will not affect me”

Ronaldo: “About my renewal, I do not want to talk anymore. It is not the most important thing at the moment”

Hooded jumper of Real Madrid, get one this Sunday with AS

Pepe: Operated and surprisingly will be out for one month

Simeone: “Turan will not go this January, that is sure”

Tito Vilanovia: “Present at training in the morning and directed the training in the afternoon”

Marco Morelli is the champion of the Spanish motorcycle in five years

Vilanova directs a training session just 13 days after his intervention

The Coach and Abidal in an emotional reunion before training

Top secret: Abidal will be available for Vilanova in the third week of this month

Real Madrid: Pepe, five weeks knockout

He was operated on his ankle in Portugal

Cristiano does not budge over his renewal

Catalunya 1-1 Nigeria: Catalunya and Nigeria draw at the Cornella

Handball: La Seleccion dream of winning gold

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