Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo.

The signing that changes the history of football

Neymar to join PSG from Barcelona for a whopping 222m 

No Zidane truce

Atletico take the Audi Cup

Pay and go

Neymar announces his decision to leave for PSG, Barca demand 222m in full

Atletico, champions with Plan B - win on penalties after Marco Keidi goal

End of the tour with no wins - draw with MLS side

Europa League - Athletic wait to eliminate Dinamo

FEF corruption - Clemente pays bail for father

Hello Coutinho, Dembele

Optimism over the signing of both players

Bye Neymar - announces PSG desire, Barca demand full 222m

Neymar takes the number 16 of Puerta

Moya, penalty hero

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