Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

The best


The forward is in sporting success

He is confident of maintaining his level in the next seasons and retiring at Real Madrid

Deportivo 2-2 Rayo

Market close

Cheryshev to Valencia

He had agreed with Sevilla and changed course

‘Citizen’ Guardiola

Pellegrini announces his goodbye, and Pep agrees for three years

“FIFA doesn’t grant pardons”

Gianni Infantino shows a strong candidacy

They wash their hands

Bartomeu and Rosell refused to declare and today it’s up to Neymar

It’s official: Guardiola to coach City

Signed for three seasons

Pellegrini: “I’ve known for a month”

Transfer window

Cheryshev, to Valencia

He leaves on loan to June, without an option to purchase or a fear clause

Montoya to Betis

Verdu to Levante

Fazio returns to Sevilla

Ricardo Costa to Granada…


With 19 goals, defends the trophy against greater odds than ever


Napoli, 22 goals


Benfica, 21 goals


Borussia, 20 goals


Bayern, 19 goals

Luis Suarez

Barcelona, 19 goals


Real Madrid, 18 goals

Great fight for the Golden Boot

Neymar to declare today at the Audienca Nacional

Bartomeu and Rosell did yesterday and didn’t provide anything new

Villar is threatening to take Spain out of the European Championships

Requests the precautionary suspension of the elections

Deportivo 2-2 Rayo

Depor haven’t won in 2016 and Rayo don’t go well away from home

Leo praises before the children of the cantera the philosophy of the Azulgrana and shows them his five Balons d’Or

Messi, devoted to La Masia

Stars of the Gala

Andres Iniesta and Laia Sanz, named the best sportspeople of the year at the party for the 110th anniversary of MD

Ronaldinho was one of the major attractions of an evening that brought together the best of Spanish sport

Winter market

Cheryshev, to Valencia and against Barca in the Copa

International football

City confirm: Pep will be the Coach for three seasons

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