01 November-2014

Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

They are the ones that break you

A Madrid with Cristiano and Isco in a state of grace (22 goals in October) look for an 11th consecutive victory

Granada trust in their defensive strength at home

Caparros, you said it and you know it

The Coach mounts a calculated and ridiculous media comedy and rips up a copy of Marca’s front page to deny his own words

Marca opinion: despicable hypocrisy

The Calderon votes: after the controversy surrounding the LFP gala awards, the football arrives

The captain Gabi returns to the starting line-up

Barca look for some comfort

Messi threatens Zarra’s record

Cristiano completes 700 games

He has scored 447 goals, 273 of which have been with Madrid

The Portuguese arrives at Granada’s ground in a hurry

Zidane will be able to coach: CAS suspends his ban

Simeone: “The best prize is a full Calderon”

A wounded Barca welcome a Celta without fear

Luis Enrique goes out with all of them: Neymar, Messi and Luis Suarez

Tebas: “I’m hoping that the new television contract gives us €1,100m”


The star signing finally makes his debut at Camp Nou

The Uruguayan’s presence, therapy for a Barca that needs to get back their belief and continue as leaders

Luis lines up next to Neymar and Messi, who is one goal away from Zarra’s record, in an attack that can aspire to everything

Barca: Action of Responsibility’s historic decision

Bartomeu defends “Barca’s right to recover what they have lost”

Granada-Real Madrid: The Coach explodes 24 hours before the match

Caparros rips up the front page of a daily newspaper that put the phrase of a victim in his mouth

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