Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Mou to leave?

"The English treat me in a fair way, here is Spain it is different. There are people that hate me a lot and they are in this room.

"It has been worth the pain to be here, to be at this club for only a day has been worth it

"The most important things is Real Madrid, I have many years and I can go alone

"In football there are contracts but they are broken whenever someone wants them to be broken

"Maybe in the next Champions League I would like to be someone where the people want me completely

"There is one club in England that wants me, but I am focusing on winning the Copa del Rey," Mourinho

Madrid comeback in epic fashion as the fans shout, "Yes, yes we can"

Cristiano: "I want to win, independently of where I am but I still have two more years on my contract"

Barcelona v Bayern: Without Busquets, but with Messi, Barca go for the comeback

Operation Puerto: Justice does not make miracles

Real Madrid 2-0 Dortmund

Sergio Ramos: "There would have been color if Dortmund playeed like they did today"

A crazy end to the game started in the 81st minute with the first goal of the miracle that wasn't

Mourinho talks,"Maybe I do not continue at Madrid. I want to be somewhere where the people want me"

Messi or nothing; Barca have faith in coming back with their megastar

Eufemiano, a year in jail

Adios Decima

Madrid's dream endures for ten minutes, but, in the end two goals were not enough

Los Blancos frustration in Europe now stretches to 11 years

"In England there is a club that wants me," Mourinho

Barca pride

With Messi in form and the best version of Barca, nothing is impossible

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