Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.


Demolisher Cristiano reaches his maximum power of destruction in the final stretch for the final of the Copa and the Champions League

An overwhelming force

39 goals in 39 official games this season

7 strikes in the Champions

12 against Barcelona since his arrival at Madrid

21 times has he scored three or more goals

Reserve teams come the premiere

Barca and Madrid thinking rotation ahead of showdowns against Milan and United

Kaka, Benzema, Essien and Pepe will in place of Ozil, Varane, Alonso and Higuain

Roura with MVP - Messi, Villa and Pedro

Xavi to be rested and Thiago comes in

Fine given to Barca for the flares at Camp Nou

Final of the Copa del Rey: Always a mess

Atletico prefer it to be in Madrid, Real Madrid want a neutral field

Cycling: Military interrogators investigate doping

The search for the stadium for the final

For security, police recommend playing in Madrid

The date chosen is the 18 May

TVE prefers the 17 May

The teams and the FEF want Sunday 19

Cristiano will be a substitute in the Clasico

Mou rests him for the game on Tuesday at Old Trafford

Diego Costa doing it for La Roja

Messi is not kicking at the goal

Against Madrid and Milan he has made just 5 shots and only three between the sticks

Lorenze, Pedrosa and Marquez are unbeatable

A triple for Draper keeps Madrid top

Summit in New York

Message from Tito

Vilanova meets on two occasions with Rosell and Barto and assures them they can start counting the days to his return

The coach asks if them to tell the team that if they comeback against Milan he will be back on April 2

If it does not change, the directors will plan with him for next season

Villa and Messi to play at the Bernabeu

Football: 128.7 million, the most expensive team in the world

Real Madrid: Benzema faces a possible prison sentence and the loss of his driving licence

Espanyol, Verdu: "God willing, I can play in the Europe with Espanyol"

Handball: Suculenta offered to Qatar for Valero Rivera

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