Friday's front page headlines from Marca, AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English.

They are no small rivals

Today, the draw for the World Cup

Lopetegui: "We will play in the strongest group" - Argentina, Germany and Brazil the toughest rivals

Kepa and Keylor, first rivals and then...

Two heroes - Lleida and Formentera

A draw with crocodiles

Spain will today find out their World Cup rivals - will face the danger of a Pot 1 team

Lopetegui: Our group will be the hardest

Lautaro is very close to Atletico - his agent is at the Wanda, 12m deal, set for July

Vinicius will come in summer

Copa Del Rey roundup

Coutinho 145m

Liverpool rate the Brazilian at this for the winter market

Germany and Brazil threats for Spain

Iglesias returns to help Espanyol beat Tenerife

Cadiz comeback in Benito Villamarin

Bale mystery return