Elche vs Real Valladolid

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Fran Escriba and Juan Ignacio Martinez agreed that Elche had the better chances against Real Valladolid.

Valladolid took a point back home with them in recording a 0-0 draw at the Martinez Valero this Week 4, and with their Coach recognising that it could have been worse.

“We have been spared defeat with a brilliant save from Edu Albacar’s chance, when there was little time until the end of the game,” conceded Martinez post-match.

“We have had more possession, but the opponent has had the best chances to score.

“But, I am happy because we generated chances and that’s the bottom line. I do not mind the lack of goals, because they will come, for sure.

“Today we have created chances against a team that is very hard to create chances against.”

Meanwhile, Escriba took the positives from Elche’s draw even as it left them four games into the season without a win.

“I am happy because we did everything to win,” Escriba analysed afterwards.

“We have to be patient because victory will come, this team always goes out to win, it will be when you least expect it.

“Everyone is aware that we have to give more and to keep improving as a team. Moreover, we have not conceded and this is something important for survival.

“If one of the opponents’ top players in the game is their goalkeeper, then it signifies that we tried.”

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