Barcelona vs Elche

David Lomban has mused on what Elche must produce if they are to shock Barcelona this weekend, admitting it is ‘difficult, but not impossible’.

The Valencian side travel up to Catalonia on Sunday afternoon as League action gets back underway and are rank outsiders to pick up a result.

“It is not impossible to beat Barcelona in their own stadium, but we are aware that it is very difficult,” Lomban has considered to reporters today.

“Barcelona have many good players who have revolutionised the game at a global level.

“We will have to play the perfect match. To take away possession is very difficult, we will have to have patience and be effective, with concentration and patience we can achieve something.

“To score points we will have to be a team, play together and try to anticipate them – we must be united and help each other.

“We are not distracted by the game, nor in our training – we are not relaxed because we know that the game which is most important is the next one and in this case, it will be against us.

“Neymar and Messi? If they are well then they will play, if not then they are at home. But I am sure that they will play because they want to play.

“Either way, we do not have to worry about who they will play, but what we do.”

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