Ahead Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey clash with Alcoyano, Jose Mourinho has been criticised for neglecting the youth players at the club. Dylan Fahy investigates.
Manuel Iturra was a calming influence for Malaga in their victory over Milan. Dylan Fahy discovers the midfielder's influential quality.
Valencia and Athletic Bilbao both need the points from Saturday’s clash. Dylan Fahey investigates their behind the scenes difficulties.
Dylan Fahy argues Dani Alves’s position at Barcelona is at serious risk after Martin Montoya slotted in perfectly against Real Madrid on Sunday night.
A turbulent summer left Malaga in dire straits, but an exceptional start to League and European life has hopes renewed. Dylan Fahy looks at why.
The Spanish Players’ Association have drafted a ‘free agent squad’ that are travelling the world in search of a new club. Dylan Fahy investigates.
Few anticipated Javier Mascherano’s successful movement from midfield to defence at Barcelona. Dylan Fahy chronicles his work in approaching 100 games.
From a planned exit to a brand new deal, Dylan Fahy examines how Gonzalo Higuain’s situation at Real Madrid has completely turned around.
Athletic Bilbao are on the verge of losing Fernando Llorente, Dylan Fahy argues it is simply time for a change of scenery for the Lion King.
Levante are on a high after one of their best ever seasons. Dylan Fahy examines whether they can continue where they left off.
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