Wednesday October 23 2019
La Liga reject El Clasico date on 18 December

La Liga has rejected the joint decision of the Spanish FA and two clubs to play El Clasico on 18 December, they have confirmed.

The match had been scheduled to be played at the Blaugrana’s Camp Nou stadium on 26 October but due to the current volatility of the situation, La Liga asked that the game be reversed to Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

That proposal has been rejected by both clubs involved and with such a fluid period of unrest in Catalonia, the most likely option was always that it would be pushed back by two months.

The Spanish FA, as supported by the clubs, have pushed for the date of 18 December but La Liga instead had been arguing for 7 December, with the Real Madrid-Espanyol and Barcelona-Mallorca matches, scheduled for that weekend, be played on Wednesday 4 December.

The date of Wednesday 18 December coincides with the Copa del Rey - when neither of the giants will be playing, but La Liga wanted a weekend date for maximum TV exposure.

“La Liga does not share the resolution of the Competition Committee to set on December 18 - following the agreement reached by FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, despite LaLiga's refusal - as the dispute date of the Classic previously postponed, although it is studying the documentation recently received from the file referring to this procedure to assess the possible legal actions to be taken, against the corresponding institutions and before the public bodies or jurisdictional bodies that it deems appropriate,” read a statement from the league.

“We believe that, given the briefness of the resolution, the lack of reference to legal norms and the reference to various reports and documents to which this League has not had access until now, a detailed study of all the documents in the file of reference to assess the possible actions to be filed, against which institutions, and before which organs or agencies.”

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