Friday April 19 2019
Liverpool raise Barcelona fans prices to subsidise Camp Nou trip

Fans of Barcelona will face increased ticket prices for their trip to Liverpool after the English club replicated the price their supporters will pay at the Camp Nou.

Liverpool have been allocated 4,620 away tickets priced at €119 for the first leg of their Champions League semi-final on 1 May, which the club’s fans have labelled as excessive.

The Merseyside club have now taken the same approach as Manchester United did for the quarter-final – to increase the prices for fans of the Blaugrana, which will subsidise their own fans trips to the Catalan capital.

The pricing is a €31 increase on the standard cost and a Liverpool statement read: “All away tickets are priced at €119, which is in line with Barcelona's pricing structure for the knockout stages of this season's Champions League.

“As a result, LFC will charge Barcelona supporters a reciprocal ticket price of €119 in the return leg at Anfield on Tuesday, May 7.

“The additional revenue from this higher ticket pricing will be used to subsidise Liverpool supporters for their tickets, reducing the price by €31 to €88.”

Last month, a Barca spokesman told ESPN FC, in light of the move by Manchester United: “The prices are the same for the [Man Utd] fans and for our own supporters.

“The pricing policy is in keeping with recent knockout games against Lyon and Roma in the last year.

“It doesn't matter if it iss Man United, Juventus or Lyon – these are the prices for everyone attending the game – not including season ticket holders who have all three competitions [La Liga, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey] included in the prices they pay each year.

“Season tickets at Barcelona are cheaper [than at Man Utd]. The cheapest one costs around £120 and includes every competition.

“At Old Trafford, it costs more than £500 and that's only for the Premier League games. Everything needs to be in context.”

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