Wednesday October 10 2018
Arturo Vidal 'not happy' at lack of Barcelona playing time

Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal has admitted he is ‘not happy’ at his lack of playing time but denied a fallout with Coach Ernesto Valverde.

The Chilean rejected reports that recent social media talk of ‘Judases’ was football-related and insisted he was ready ‘to battle’ to earn a first-team spot.

“If a player is not playing then of course they will not be happy,” Vidal told reporters.

“This is especially true for me because throughout my entire career I have fought to be in the best teams in world football.

“I am used to being a regular starter in winning teams and my aim is to continue doing this with Barcelona, that is what I want.

“I will keep battling to be involved in important games, I am fine physically and I have to come to terms with the situation and improve it.

“Social media messages? If I have a problem with the Coach or anyone then I talk to them directly, I do not put anything on social media about it.

“My message was not about football and that is why it was deleted because speculation is no good, it was a personal joke.

“I will always address problems face-to-face.”

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