Tuesday October 9 2018
Javier Tebas: Girona will play Barcelona in Miami this January

Javier Tebas insists the scheduled La Liga match between Girona and Barcelona in January will be played in Miami, despite widespread opposition.

The Spanish FA, FIFA and the AFE Players Union have all stated their outright opposition to the league’s plans to move matches to the United States.

“On January 26 we will go to play in Miami,” Tebas told Televisión Española, as cited by El Mundo Deportivo.

“And I tell you why: when we are right, and not only in regards to ethics but in law and in the legalities, we have the potential to do it.

“I have always been known for fighting things to the end.”

Girona and Barcelona have both given their approvals to the plans, but the game cannot take place without the green light from those bodies who have stated their outright opposition.

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