Sunday June 15 2014
Torres: Spain are better than before

Fernando Torres believes this Spain side is better than the one that won the World Cup in 2010.

The Chelsea striker has said that despite the heavy defeat to the Netherlands, La Roja are stronger than ever. And, not only that, but the players believe it as well, he added.

“We are the same as we were a week ago, or four years ago. The team has matured with age,” Torres told FIFA’s official website.

“There is nothing to say that the team is worse, I would say it is a lot better.

“Psychologically we are prepared. We need to look at Chile and analyse them.

“Mentally I think the team is prepared for a situation like this. This group has gone through very good and very bad moments together.

“We know what we are capable of and I don't think the psychological factor will be a problem.”

Torres also added his voice to the chorus stressing that Spain have to keep faith in their style, rather than try to do anything alien.

“There is no reason to change our system. In South Africa we lost the first game and we kept doing the same and were champions,” he argued.

“We have to think that this team still has a lot of football ahead of it to achieve things once more.

“There will be a lot of people that believe in this team, that we have seen lift us up in similar situations and that will be with us.

“Now more than ever we need to be together as a group and it is us that need to fix this situation.

“Unfortunately we have already gone through this situation, albeit not quite as hard in South Africa.

We need to forget the Netherlands game and getting to the next round depends on beating Chile. We need to win all the games from now until the end.”

Torres also came to the defence of his colleagues, including goalkeeper Iker Casillas, claiming it was a team failure rather than an individual one.

“The fault was of the group, not one player,” he said. “It is the group that has made us champions of the world and Europe and it is the group that will win or lose in Brazil.

“You cannot point the finger at one player, it makes no sense. We don't need to look at anyone else but ourselves, they were our errors.

“We need to find solutions to the problems we had quickly because Chile play with a similar system to the Netherlands.”

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