Friday February 22 2013
Ramos: I cheer Barca in Europe

Sergio Ramos has reflected on his recent history from the penalty spot, as well as his support of even Barcelona in the Champions League.

Speaking last night to El Hormiguero, the Real Madrid defender revealed that he roots for all Spanish sides when facing foreign opponents in European competition.

“We are Barcelona's rivals, but when a Spanish team plays a foreign team I always want the Spanish side to win,” explained the defender.

The Champions League remained the topic of discussion, as Ramos was asked to reflect on last year’s penalty that he missed, as Madrid lost in a shootout at the semi-final stage to Bayern Munich.

“The day I don't feel up to taking a penalty I won't take it. If you don't take them you don't miss them.

“Nerves got the better of me and I put it where I did. Others missed too. The penalty spot itself wasn't great and I hit the ball with my supporting foot.

“It was a thorn in my side, and I saw how my mother and my brother were suffering. The experience makes you stronger, if you don't get over it you can't live and you can't be a professional like that.

“When you make a mistake you have to get over it and keep growing as a person.”

It was followed by a paneka penalty for Spain in the European Championship semi-final shootout win over Portugal.

“The day I missed the penalty in the Champions League I said to my mother that I'd just chip the next one. I wanted to dedicate it to my family.

“I hit it like that to show I wasn't nervous at the big moments. I can make mistakes, like anyone at work.

“No-one expected me to dink it, so it was easier for me. That said, if the keeper Rui Patricio had stood still I'd have had to walk back to Spain...

“It's at times like that that the Coaches have it worst, because of the repercussions. Once you're past the group phase, one bad game means you are out.

“We practiced penalties constantly. Pique, Xabi Alonso and a couple of others stayed behind to practice after training.

“I said to Vicente that if I had to take one I'd just chip it and he said I wouldn't dare. It's history now, I can show it to my children.”

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