Tuesday October 23 2012
Pellegrini tells of his time in Madrid

Manuel Pellegrini has given an interview to La Gazetta dello Sport in which he tells of his time in charge at Real Madrid.

The current Malaga boss took the reins at the Santiago Bernabeu in June 2009 but was axed after finishing second to Barcelona, despite having achieved a record number of Primera points.

Nonetheless, the Chilean insists he has no axe to grind and has very definite views on the way Los Blancos should play their football with a certain style.

“Madrid can never be a team that is chasing after the ball, even if they win that way, not with the quality of players and names they have because they can create a spectacle over the whole 90 minutes,” explained Pellegrini.

“The constructive part of the game comes before the destructive part. I don’t like Coaches who play just for results. For me, the concepts of spectacle and creation are essential. I like players who adapt to these concepts.“

Pellegrini defended his work at Madrid and claimed he had been unlucky in his sole season at the helm, complaining he had been deprived of the services of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe through injury.

“I would have liked to have left Madrid with a title and in general I think we deserved it. I’d like to see what Madrid would do today with Ronaldo out for two-and-a-half months and Pepe out for six. We got 96 points.

“My situation there was one of defending players who were key for me. I couldn’t let things go if I did not agree with them, particularly with regard to the coming and going of players, Cazorla for example.”

The 59-year-old believes that there was possibly a smear campaign against him at the club.

“I left with the support of the players and the people. Despite the media being against me I had the backing of 80 per cent of the fans. This reflects on the way they felt about the football and personally it gives me great satisfaction.

“However, I don’t hold a grudge and yes, I still have a good relationship with many people at the club.”

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