WATCH: Jose Maria Gimenez defends Uruguay players for going into stands with Colombia fans – ‘A disaster’

Atletico Madrid defender Jose Maria Gimenez has defended Uruguay’s players, after they climbed into the stands to battle Colombia fans, following their 1-0 defeat in the Copa America semi-finals.

Several stars including Gimenez, Barcelona’s Ronald Araujo and Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez were seen in the stands confronting Colombia fans, with the latter hitting a Colombia fan who had slapped him first. Gimenez explained, as captioned by Optus Sport, that they were defending their families.

“Please, be careful, because our families are in the stands. They rained things down on our families, a certain section of the Colombia fans. And they don’t let you speak, so I’m going to say it now. This is a disaster. Our families were in danger.”

“We had to go into the stands to get our loved ones out, there were small children, a newborn baby. It was all a disaster. There was not a single police officer, for half an hour not one arrived. It was all a disaster and we were there standing up for our loved ones.”

“I hope that those who are organising this are a little more careful, with the families, with the people and with the surroundings of the stadiums, because this is a disaster, because the same thing happens every game.”

“Our families are suffering because of those who take a few sips of alcohol, they don’t know how to drink, and then behave like children who have no sense of respect. I hope they are careful and it doesn’t happen again, because this is a disaster.”

While nobody wants to see players in the stands, and still less fighting opposition fans, it’s certainly understandable that Gimenez and his teammates felt the need to protect their families. Some have claimed that the Uruguay staff were responsible for the beginning of the melee, but either way, the Uruguayan players will have reacted to their loved ones being in danger.

Real Madrid star Fede Valverde child was born earlier this year, and he could be seen fleeing the scene with said baby to protect them, while Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Manuel Ugarte also had his mother in the crowd. She reportedly fainted in the tunnel.

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