Why Barcelona may still be able to sign without salary limit restrictions despite deadline passing

With the end of June, Barcelona are due to close their accounts and calculate their balance sheets for the 2023-24 season. Originally projected to make a profit during the club’s General Assembly, the talk has been that the Blaugrana had to bring in €60m to cover the unpaid sales of Barca Vision in order to be able to move back within their salary limit this summer.

So far that has not been announced, but they may still be able to operate without transgressing the limits on what they can spend imposed by La Liga. Although it had been hoped that they would seal multiple deals last week, Relevo say that so far nothing has happened.

Still, if Barcelona can prove that the negotiations for the deal occurred during the 2023-24 season, then they can still include any subsequent deals in that financial year. That would allow them to potentially include deals that occur for players, a supposed new agreement with Nike and rumoured deals with new American investors into Barca Vision to replace Libero.

It does back Barcelona into something of a corner though. Knowing that the Blaugrana need those deals to come to fruition, the other sides of those deals have increased leverage. Equally, if the deals do collapse, then the Blaugrana are likly facing a frugal summer when they require significant investment.

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