Barcelona star attacks rising right-wing party – ‘Based on hatred and disinformation’

Barcelona and France star Jules Kounde has become the latest to come out against the far right in France, urging people to vote.

He follows in the footsteps of several of his Les Bleus teammates, with Marcus Thuram the first to voice his dismay at the rise of the National Assembly (RN) in France, led by Marine Le Pen. Kylian Mbappe backed him up coming out against ‘extremes’, Antoine Griezmann termed politics something very personal, and Aurelien Tchouameni supported his now Real Madrid teammate.

Yesterday morning as polls opened in France, Kounde told the French public it was both a duty and a right for people to vote.

“It is an important day for France and for its future. These days, voting is as much a duty as it is a right.”

“The strength of democracy is that every voice counts and everyone is free to give their opinion.”

“For my part, I see that the extreme right has never led a country towards more freedoms, more justice and living together. And I don’t think it ever will.”

“I see a party founded on hatred of others, disinformation and whose words are intended to stigmatize and divide us.”

“The RN is not a solution. This isn’t a lesson, it’s just my opinion. And you will do with it what you want.”

It’s been a frequent topic for the French at Euro 2024, with most press conferences involving some sort of reference to the current political situation. Things did not go as Kounde had hoped, with the RN coming out on top in the first round of elections. A second round will happen on the 7th of July to determine whether Le Pen can form a government as leader.

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  1. People have spoken deal with it.
    Nobody cares about celebrities opinions on political matters.



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