Kylian Mbappe lawyers send final warning to Paris Saint-Germain as €100m court case looms

Real Madrid‘s star signing Kylian Mbappe will officially be unattached to Paris Saint-Germain as of next week, but it will not be a clean break for the French superstar. His dispute with PSG looks as if it could end up in the legal system.

ESPN report that Mbappe’s lawyers’ have sent PSG a final warning over unpaid wages from April, May and June, as well as a signing bonus from February, totalling around €100m. PSG claim that Mbappe had agreed to waive some of that money, but Mbappe’s legal team contest that there is no legal or written version of this agreement. It looks as if it could end up in court.

The French champions will have to rely on an alleged verbal agreement with Mbappe holding up in court, but it’s a nuance with a major implications. While it was never going to be easy for PSG to move on from Mbappe, a potential court case would prolong the bitter taste of his exit.

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