Council takes action against Real Madrid due to noise pollution from concerts

Real Madrid have sold their renovations to the Santiago Bernabeu as a money-making machine for the next 50 years, and no doubt it will be one of their key earners in the coming years. However their potential to do so has been capped by the Madrid Council.

Mayer of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida has announced on TeleMadrid that Real Madrid will be limited to hosting 20 major concerts per year, while the club have also agreed to instal sound absorbing sheets over the stadium. Diario AS say that there will be limits on the power of the speakers for concerts, and the agreement was worked on with Los Blancos.

Real Madrid have faced numerous complaints from neighbours in the surrounding areas, due to the deafening sound of concerts. One of the major advantages of the Bernabeu is its location in central Madrid, but with the likes of Taylor Swift hosting enormous concerts there, the impact on the local population has been felt, and most definitely heard.

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