Ronaldinho reveals statements that caused Brazil discontent were part of marketing campaign

Ronaldinho has never been short of a story, of course none more infamous than the time he spent several months in a Paraguayan prison after trying to travel on a fake passport. His latest escapade caused no shortage of discontent amongst the Brazilian national team.

Last week he posted on his Instagram that he was not even planning on watching Brazil during Copa America this summer.

“This is a sad moment for those who like Brazilian football. It’s hard to find the desire to watch the games. This is, perhaps, one of the worst teams in recent years; It has no leaders who are respected, only mediocre players for the most part.”

According to Relevo, the Brazil squad did not appreciate his words, and Raphinha also expressed that he ‘did not understand’ Ronaldinho’s statements, even if he respects him as his idol.

Ronaldinho has since revealed that it was part of a marketing campaign. Partnering with deoderant company Rexona as part of their ‘Rexona doesn’t abandon you’ campaign, the Barcelona legend published the words of another Brazil fan. The idea – which hasn’t quite come off – was to create a current of support for Brazil by highlighting some of the negativity around the Selecao, and inspiring people to instead get behind it.

r/soccer - Ronaldinho follow up statement reveals that his original post was part of a marketing campaign for Rexona

Posting on Instagram again, he explained that he would never abandon the Brazilian side, and that these sort of comments do not help the players themselves ahead of the matches.

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