Islamic State encourages terrorist cells to attack Real Madrid players and Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid have been threatened by terrorist organisation so-called Islamic State, with the organisation calling on its followers to attack the team bus and the fans at the stadium.

In a recent operation carried out by the Spanish police, the Guardia Civil division, they have brought down the propaganda centre in Europe, say El Confidencial via Marca. In total, nine arrests were made in Salt (Catalonia), Alegeciras (Andalusia) and Tenerife. One of the messages put out by propaganda division asked a terrorist to wait where Real Madrid’s bus arrives at the stadium and point at them and their fans. A second message said the following.

“My dear brother in Al-Andalus. A very valuable objective awaits you. Break into crowds, distract security with improvised explosives and decoy devices, and advance toward your main objective with determination.”

The propaganda centre were producing graphics in English encouraging terrorist attacks on various sporting events, including the Euros, with Dortmund, Berlin and Munich suggested as potential cities to attack, under the title ‘score the last goal.’ Equally, ‘The Olympics have already started for the solitary wolves, with Allah’s will’ was another graphic suggesting that followers carry out attacks in Paris.

The operation was carried out in collaboration with the Netherlands, Romania, Germany, France, Estonia, Iceland, Interpol and the FBI, and they have also taken out dozens of servers that were used to dissseminate the propaganda. Three media sites used to diffuse such information, Voz de Al-Andalus, Al Raud and Fahris have also been identified as being operated by the same people.

This follows on from a graphic that was disseminated ahead of the Champions League quarter-finals, which saw threats made on the Emirates Stadium, the Metropolitano, the Bernabeu and the Allianz Arena. Following a heavy police presence, no incidents occurred.

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  1. This evil and terrifying actions are happening is because the Islamic State leaders lost their bet when they put their money for Real Madrid to lose and now they are mad and want to punish Real Madrid.
    The Islamic State is a pathetic and an evil groups who must get vanquished ASAP.

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